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Thank you for taking the time to get to know me and learn more about my background. I am thankful for this brief interaction, and I know that whatever your creative or strategic needs are, I can help you accomplish your goals.

Whether you choose to work with me directly, or for industry-specific reasons, this ends in a referral, I appreciate you and the time you've taken to learn more about this family-oriented, food-loving, optimistic, high-energy business nerd.

You're here for a reason.

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it's abram moore

My creative expertise specializes in storytelling through visual and written mediums and community engagement via social channels and in-person interactions. My skills allow me to captivate audiences and catalyze growth on social media and other marketing channels.

I've led content teams for community and event spaces and consulted for tech companies in the healthcare industry and web3-based music industries.

I love being hands-on with visuals and providing photography and video services for all businesses and major influencers on social media.

Ten years of branding, brand marketing, and leadership.

Living life at the intersection of branding, community, content, and technology, I am highly motivated to help others succeed in whatever creative passion they pursue. For many years, I worked in the finance industry, leading teams and working in less desirable situations. While working at a bank by day, I learned by night.

I took classes, read books, and started with small clients, and with the support of my wife, I was able to build myself into who I am today.

I've since been a small business freelance marketing and social media consultant. I was the Director of Social Media for Next Gen Summit in New York City, an international young entrepreneurs community that has a conference every year with thousands of attendees. I've contracted for larger New York City law firms to smaller mother and son home-care service companies in West Hartford, Connecticut.

The Present and Future



In addition to working with local clients, I'm currently the Brand and Marketing Director for a tech startup in New York City, Sindy XR. Sindy XR is expanding the borders of healthcare for providers for care teams by providing a health-at-home solution for care teams and patients ready to take control of their wellness journeys with all of the convenience and none of the compromise through mobile apps and virtual reality.

If you need a director or consultant in any of the three disciplines mentioned earlier, who is high energy, a leader, and easy to collaborate with, tell me how I'm your man.

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